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Tue May 25, 2010 13:40
Forum: MOHID GUI (discontinued)
Topic: Run Start/End years with allowed range?
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Run Start/End years with allowed range?

Hello, After compile with the actual code a new MOHID executable, I am trying to simulate a 200 years run but after 100 years of results I get the following message: START OR END YEARS ARE OUT OF ALLOWED RANGE - SEE README I already had seek the MOHID code to find the error message, but I didn't fin...
Mon Apr 13, 2009 15:15
Forum: MOHID Water
Topic: Sand final results (.fin files)
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Sand final results (.fin files)

Hello, I am doing a run with a long time period (1000 years :o ) and I am trying to obtain .fin files annually for the Sand and Hydrodynamics results and not only by the end of the run. With that purpose, I added to InterfaceSedimentWater_x.dat and Hydrodynamics_x.dat the keywords: RESTART_FILE_OUTP...

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