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Fri Dec 21, 2012 10:53
Forum: MOHID Water
Topic: Freshwater discharge problems - Salinity?
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Freshwater discharge problems - Salinity?

Hi I'm trying to implement the mohid to the Douro estuary. I already perform the model calibration and validation for the hydrodynamic processes (2D) and the results were excellent (<2% relative error) from the mouth to the Crestuma dam. But when I tried to run the model for the salinity and tempera...
Mon Sep 03, 2012 16:43
Forum: MOHID Water
Topic: Keyword: BRFORCE?
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Keyword: BRFORCE?

Hello, What is the objective of the BRFORCE keyword in the module hydrodynamic? I tried to find the meaning in the wiki and in the forum but I didn't have success. So... I know that this keyword is related with the relaxation in the boundaries but I can't understand when I need to turn on it. Thanks...

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