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Wed Feb 13, 2019 13:42
Forum: MOHID Water
Topic: Running problem ...Nomfich
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Running problem ...Nomfich

Hi, everyone! i'm having trouble running a model with the new executables, i think it may be a Nomfich problem. The error i'm having is: Consolidation initial values in HDF format. Keyword: CON_INI not found WARNING KEYWORD Keyword CON_INI not found - ModuleConsolidation. ERR05. Registered Instance:...
Wed Dec 28, 2011 14:21
Forum: MOHID Water
Topic: Sand Discharge
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Sand Discharge

Hi everyone. I'm running the SAND MODULE and I have some troubles when specifying a sand discharge. The error I obtain is: stop 'ComputeDischarges - ModuleSand - ERR40' Could someone help me with this? Below I include the specifications I have in the Discharges_x.dat file: <begindischarge> NAME : De...

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