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MOHID validation_practical applications

Postby » Fri Oct 02, 2009 11:52

Hi all
I've seen that Mohid has been applied to a broad range of cases in regional and local systems. I suppose most applications are included in scientific works.
But I also has seen that some people posting in Mohid forum works in small places, like ports or other coastal reduced areas. I suppose these studies have a more 'practical' aim. In my case, I'm interested in caracterization of small coastal zones, in order to assess potential impact of mainly sewage and brine discharges.

I think Mohid can be useful to that aim, but I wonder how could, in practice, validate Mohid results on hydrodinamic modeling of coastal zones. ¿Should I make direct measures of velocities and level, would it be enough to compare Mohid results with time series of pre-existing tide gauges in the isle? ¿Should I compare with other models results? Resuming: ¿whats the correct and/or minimum validation work I should make?

Thank you all for your doubts and your answers

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Postby CampuzanoFJ » Tue Oct 20, 2009 15:17

Dear Ana,

Basically, you should validate with the most data available that you have. In case that you have available data of the specific study area then you can compare with that data whether they are current measurements, water levels..... Also depends on how you force the model, in case you got water levels and you are forcing only with tides, you can compare time series with the water levels obtained from the harmonic components of the measured levels. Hope that information helped, best regards,


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