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Current direction

Postby » Wed Jul 21, 2010 19:49

I am running the Mohid in an estuarine branch with four open boundaries
I have imposed the tide only in a point, at the south part of It.
I know when the tide is rising the flows go to the northward or eastward along the estuary.
But the results of MOHID show currents entering by all open boundaries in tidal flow (northward at the south open boundary and toward south at north one) and currents going out in ebb tide. Then always in the middle between north at south boundaries the currents are minimum, because they have a coherent behavior with the opposite velocities arriving. That doesn’t represent a real situación.
What I have to do to obtain the right direction of currents. The right direction is at south, where I have imposed the tide.
Very thanks by your help

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Postby CampuzanoFJ » Wed Sep 22, 2010 16:08

Dear Leonor,

The Mohid model impose the tide in every open boundary, in case that you only want to impose it in one open boundary the best option is to close the rest of them or to impose different tidal conditions in each of the open boundaries. Hope this help you, best regards,

Francisco Campuzano

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