Module Oil - evaporation

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Module Oil - evaporation

Postby » Mon Aug 09, 2010 15:10

My question (by email):

I'm trying to run the oil module to simulate the evaporation process and comparing the simulation with the same conditions obtained by ADIOS but I'm getting very high values, such as evaporated fraction of 90% for two days of simulation. I've done several different tests but I can not make it work.

Answer from Luis (MOHID)

Using the method EvaporativeExposure, the evaporation depends on wind, water temperature, water content in the oil, oil density, API, etc ...
You are just using the option to evaporation and there are options that are not activated as OIL_DISPERSION, OIL_EMULSIFICATION, etc..
I don't know if you are simulating in ADIOS with other processes of oil and that may have influence because the oil that is not being emulsified and dispersed will evaporate. There is more oil available to evaporate.

Also as you don't have these processes the water content and density of oil is different, what may further increase the evaporation.
Are you sure that the ADIOS is only to simulate evaporation and that other processes are not being simulated?

I recommend that you use the evaporation method Fingas, because it is the consensus today.

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