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Module Water Quality

Postby » Tue Aug 24, 2010 19:24

Hi users

I´m starting to do the Module Water Quality and i have many doubt.
I don't know how to start! but i don´t know if is like temporal serie or, for exemple,like this:

FRATIONC: 0.18 ! N Fracção C / não Fito
FREGSATC: 1. ! Ks de Regeneração de Nutrientes
GROWMAXF: 1.8 ! Crescimento Máximo
FMORTCON: 0.3 ! Ks Por mortalidade
FMORTMAX: 0,02 ! Mortalidade Máxima
FENDREPC: 0,0175 ! Respiração endógena
EXCRCONS: 0,07 ! Excreção
PHOTORES: 0,125 ! Constante de fotorespiração
PHDECOMP: 0,7 ! Excreções-Inorgânica fracção solúvel
FSOLEXCR: 0,4 ! Excreções-fracção orgânica particulada
FDISSDON: 0.5 ! Excreções-fracção orgânica solúvel

I looked the Manuals..and i still have doubt.. :cry:



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Postby CampuzanoFJ » Wed Sep 22, 2010 18:10

Dear Lilian,

Basically, when you use the Water Quality module you are switching one a series of processes between you water properties variables. These processes are related through ecuations that have different parameters. The list of parameters for these processes are the ones included in the dat file of the Water Quality module. You can find more information in the next manuals ... iption.pdf ... Manual.pdf

Hope this helps, best regards,

Francisco Campuzano

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