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FreeVerticalMovements_Processes - ModuleWaterProperties - ER

Postby » Sat Feb 12, 2011 16:08

Hi there!

I’m having this error in the excecution of MOHID:

the Cohesive Sediment concentration is negative.
FreeVerticalMovements_Processes - ModuleWaterProperties - ERR04

I've read all posts in the forum related with that error. So, I’ve done:
• Test with different values of DT, using a DT of 0.5 the Courant number is 3.85 and a DT of 1 the Courant Number is 7.71. I did tests with less DT too.
• I could view the bathymetry file no MOHID GIS, so, I do not think it is a problem of bathymetry file.

The bathymetry that I’m using is irregular, 1303x409 gridzise, DX is 3m. e DY is 2m.
I need some guide, I tested some configurations but did not get a successful run.

Thanks in advance,
Katiusca :roll:
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Postby » Fri Mar 25, 2011 15:35

I did not receive yet any anwer, anyone has any suggestion?

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Postby administrator@. » Mon Apr 25, 2011 09:25


Do you have a high input of sediments (river discharges, etc) in the model?
Which settling velocity are you using?
What was the initial condition for deposited sediments?
Do you have wave induced shear stress activated?
Do you have large intertidal flats?
Where in the bathymetry is the model giving problems?


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