Different PCs, different results?

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Different PCs, different results?

Postby anamartin98@gmail.com » Mon Mar 07, 2011 13:25

Hi all
I'm working in two different Personal Computers (PCs), at work and at home, and running the same simulations, but runs give me very different results. In work PC, Mohid 4.9.1 is installed (Windows XP), and at home I installed Mohid 4.9.2 (Windows 7 64 bits). The results at work seems to be OK: good appearance of water levels (maximum 2.4 m) and velocities (aprox 0.5 m/s) of simulated tide forcing. But at home, water levels goes to 5 m and velocity ups to 2 m/s (too high for this place).
I've uninstalled version 4.9.2 and installed 4.9.1 at home PC, but results are similar: too high values.
The working routes are the same in both PCs (D:\\Mohid_pruebas\\...).
Decimal character has been set as 'point' in both PCs.
¿any idea, please?


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I found it

Postby anamartin98@gmail.com » Fri Mar 11, 2011 19:26

I found the answer. Although the processor is Intel in both PCs, the simulations runs OK if I choose MohidWaterProcessorIndependent.exe in the PC with W7 installed (newer processor).


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Postby administrator@. » Mon Apr 25, 2011 09:37


Thanks for the post. I'm surprised this happens and I'll investigate it further.

Best regards,

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