forrtl: error (73): floating divide by zero

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forrtl: error (73): floating divide by zero

Postby » Wed Apr 20, 2011 02:31

Hello everyone

I have almost finished the model but I have the following problem

---------------------- HYDRODYNAMICS ---------------------

Courant Number is : 0.5552290
In Grid Cell[i,j] : 163 83

forrtl: error (73): floating divide by zero
Image PC Routine Line Source
MohidWaterIntelTr 0046421C _MODULEENTERDATA_ 3606 ModuleEnterData.F90
MohidWaterIntelTr 00463E4C _MODULEENTERDATA_ 3477 ModuleEnterData.F90
MohidWaterIntelTr 0085E66E _MODULEWATERPROPE 7396 ModuleWaterPropertie
MohidWaterIntelTr 00841D14 _MODULEWATERPROPE 1106 ModuleWaterPropertie
MohidWaterIntelTr 009164FE _MODULEMODEL_mp_C 623 ModuleModel.F90
MohidWaterIntelTr 00919E2E _MOHIDWATER._CONS 275 Main.F90
MohidWaterIntelTr 00919A9F _MAIN__ 210 Main.F90
MohidWaterIntelTr 009A1FCC Unknown Unknown Unknown
MohidWaterIntelTr 00989165 Unknown Unknown Unknown
kernel32.dll 759D3677 Unknown Unknown Unknown
ntdll.dll 77CD9F02 Unknown Unknown Unknown
ntdll.dll 77CD9ED5 Unknown Unknown Unknown

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I think the problem is water properties but i dont know what happen,

someone could help me please or have any clue?

Thanks a lot

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Postby administrator@. » Mon Apr 25, 2011 08:14


The error is likely to come from the fact that you have wrongly defined the OUTPUT_TIME keyword.

Please read:

Hope this helps,
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Postby » Mon Apr 25, 2011 21:43

Hello Luis

Thanks for your reply. I already found the error and you are right, the problem was in the OUTPUT_TIME definition


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