Oxygen Cycle

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Oxygen Cycle

Postby guifranz@gmail.com » Wed Jun 22, 2011 16:44

Dear all,

There`s little written about the oxygen cycle represented in the Mohid water quality module and I have some conceptual doubts. I saw that this module is based on the CEQUALW2 model with some simplifications. The CEQUALW2 model considers the decay of dissolved oxygen caused by the decomposition of RDOM (Refractory Dissolved Organic Matter), LDOM (Labile Dissolved Organic Matter), LPOM (Labile Particulate Organic Matter), RPOM (Refractory Particulate Organic Matter) and CBOD (Carbonaceous Biologic Oxygen Demand), besides other decay processes like respiration and nitrification.

The Mohid approach considers the decay of oxygen by the mineralization of organic nitrogen and phosphorous refractory, non-refractory and particulate forms (DONre, DONnr, PON, DOPre, DOPnr, POP), using the Redfield ratio C:N:P (106:16:1) for phytoplankton, zooplankton and non-living organic matter. Both forms of organic nitrogen and phosphorous are in the non-living labile and refractory organic matter. When simulating the decay of oxygen separately by the mineralization of organic nitrogen and phosphorous forms, the consumption of oxygen by the decomposition of organic matter is not being considered twice?

I don`t know if I was clear enough.

I realized too that I can’t simulate the BOD with the nutrients cycle, because in this way I will consider the consumption of oxygen by decomposition one more time. Right?

Is there some publication describing in more details the considerations used in the oxygen cycle?

Sorry for the long message.

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oxygen cycle

Postby guillaume.maretec@ist.utl.pt » Wed Jul 13, 2011 13:02


I have consulted current and former colleagues about the oxygen cycle in WQ in MOHID and I was provided a manual from 2006, composed by the main developer of the WQ module in MOHID. It is now available from the downloads in the members area in the Mohid site.

http://maretec.mohid.com/PublicData/pro ... Manual.pdf

You will find the oxygen equation and all the default values to most of the parameters.

I hope it helps.

Best regards.

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