Some Questions

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Some Questions

Postby QAYETBEY@GMAIL.COM » Tue Feb 26, 2013 18:44

Hello MOHIDers
May I inquire about these questions: :oops:
-Should father and son have the same geometry ? even if the maximum depth of father is
1500 meter and that of son is 100 only ? ( My geometry is Cartesian with 26 levels above
which is a Sigma one with equidistant 20 levels with 5m thickness ).
-in the case of Levitus: there is new geometry and batim files, what for ? will they replace
the older ones by re-running the model?
-Should spatial coverage of input data( water properties,atmospheric,....) common
between father and son ?
-How can one visualize the ( files?
Thank you a lot
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Re: Some Questions

Postby » Tue Apr 23, 2013 08:30


1) It's not mandatory that they have the same vertical geometry
2) No, the Levitus bathymetry and geometry file are used to run the ConvertToHDF5 tool to make a 3D interpolation of the 3D Levitus data to your model grid. Please read more here:

3) Each domain (father, son, etc) must have its initial conditions and they should be consistent. For atmospheric, if you are using data from a meteorological model, you have to interpolate that data for each domain grid. For the water properties or hydrodynamics you can define that the son model is initialized from the father model data.

4) you can use MOHID Studio to visualize your bathymetry files and all other data


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Re: Some Questions

Postby QAYETBEY@GMAIL.COM » Wed Apr 24, 2013 18:01

Hi Luis
Thank You for Your Help.

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