Lagrangian in Nested Grid

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Lagrangian in Nested Grid

Postby » Sun Sep 27, 2015 19:10

I´m working in the next proyect. I try to model the trajectory of a drifting boat that start on the mouth of a river, but I want to incorporate all the Tide on One Gulf, so

1.- I made a big Simulation (TideGulf) for all The Tide on One Gulf with Tide module.
2.- I made a second Simulation (TideGulf2) just to reduce the scale of the first Grid (TideGulf) with a Nested Grid.
3.- I made a third Simulation (TideGulf3) with the correct scale to see the trajectory of a drifting boat with a Nested Grid, Discharges module and Lagrangian module.

With the first two steps I don´t have any problem, but when I try to make the third step, I just can run all the model with the River discharges in step 3 and when I try to add the Lagrangian module it´s appear the next message

"ConstructLagrangianGlobal - ModuleLagrangianGlobal - ERR99".

I thought it was an error in my simulation but if I try to run just (TideGulf3) alone, with his own Tide on the grid, in "RiverDischarge", Lagrange (Simulation) it works, so I´m a little confuse.

I have some questions
(+) Do I need to write an extra command in step 3 to make Lagrange Module works in a Nested Grid?
(+) Can I change the density of Particles in Lagrangian Module?, so I can use the model, for drifting boats, people, trees (garbage), etc.

Muchas Gracias, saludos desde México
Kevin Contreras
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Re: Lagrangian in Nested Grid

Postby » Sat Jul 09, 2016 01:55

hello kevin

I want to know if you have any solution about this ERROR in this time


Efrain Rodríguez Rubio (Ph.D)

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