MoveParticHorizontal - ModuleLagrangianGlobal - ERR30

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MoveParticHorizontal - ModuleLagrangianGlobal - ERR30

Postby » Wed Apr 20, 2016 16:39

Hello everyone,

My aim is to determine the resisdence time of the water masses in the Guadiana estuary. For that, I am using the lagrangian module and boxes, but with a curvilinear grid.
I read somewhere on the forum that is not possible to automaticaly create the boxe file with that kind of grid so I did it manualy. The problem is that when I am running my simulation,
I am getting the following error message : MoveParticHorizontal - ModuleLagrangianGlobal - ERR30

What is strange is that I tried several boxes and all of them except one are crashing. The one which work is located is an large area close to the mouth of the estuary. I try another boxe in
the same area, but it didn't work.

If it can be useful, here is my boxe file (for the working one):

DT_BOXES : 300
2160 41
2160 24
2178 24
2178 41
2160 41

Does anyone is able to help me?

Thank you for your attention,


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