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Dear Paulo,

Sorry, in disturbing you again, but may be I have not been clear enough about what I wish to simulate with MOHID system. This is the reason I describe my problem as it follows.

What I intend to model:

1- first consider a tidal lagoon having the dimensions of 3Km by 3 Km and having an average depth of 2m approximately;

2- consider a superficial point efluent discharge into the tidal lagoon boundary having a constituent concentration (the constituent may be conservative as Hg or non conservative as faecal coliform);

3- what I wish to obtain with MOHID is the plume dispersion with the constituent concentration in this lagoon resultant trom from this discharge,
knowing the plume constituent concentration associated with the lagoon 3D hydrodynamics (current pattern in the lagoon).

I would be most gratefull if you can help me to know if I can use MOHID for this modeling.

If it is possible, would you please be kind enough to give the main directions to use MOHID?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Robson Sarmento

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