usefull oceanographic derived variables

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usefull oceanographic derived variables

Postby » Tue May 25, 2004 10:30

ROMS calculates several derived variables that can be switched on/off according to the user's needs. The implementation of the calculus of such variables in MOHID would greatly improved the diagnostic power of ANY oceanographic solution. These variables include:

Ke : Horizontal slice of kinetic energy: .

Rho : Horizontal slice of density using the non-linear equation of state for seawater of Jackett and McDougall (1995).

Vor : Horizontal slice of vorticity: .

Vp : Horizontal slice of the vertical component of Ertel's potential vorticity: . In our case, .

Psi : Horizontal slice of stream function: . This routine might be costly since it inverses the Laplacian of the vorticity (using a successive over relaxation solver).

Spd : Horizontal slice of the ocean currents velocity : .

Svd : Horizontal slice of the transport stream function : .

Oku : Horizontal slice of the Okubo-Weiss parameter : .

see ... 0000000000 for more details.

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