A little help with GOTM

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A little help with GOTM

Postby vmarin@antar.ciencias.uchile.cl » Tue Jan 20, 2009 21:44


Finally, after a lot of struggle we have been able to generate a workable 3D baroclinic model for a chilean fjord. The model includes 31 cartesian layers, 10 of which are located near the surface with a layer width of 1 m. Both the salinity field and currents are close to \"reality\". However, we would like to improve a bit the vertical salinity structure. That is, have a bit lower salinity values in the surface and higher in the deep layer. Thus, we would like some advice of the vertical turbulence schemes under GOTM.

So far we have used:

turb_method= 2,
tke_method=2 (k-epsilon model)
len_scale_method=9 (Mellor-Yamada kl equation)

Any suggesttion on whether an alternative set of parameters may help reducing vertical turbulent salt diffusion??

Thanks in advance


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