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Hello, Mohiders.

I'm tryin to simulate the evolution of an instantaneous cohesive sediment discharge, and the final amount of sediment deposited at the bottom. I used a time serie discharge with all the volume (concentration) at the begining and I've simulated three hours. Using cohesive sediments, the InterfaceSedimentWater Module results provide the map of "deposition" values along time, but what I see is variable, increasing at the beginning (1 hour aprox) and diminishing at the end, so it seems that there's instant values, and I have no way to see how much has been accumulated in total.

I've enabled bathymetry evolution and I write hdf5 file with the bathymetry end, but do not appreciate differences compared with the original one, and in any case, I have no access to the numerical values to see how much has changed in each cell.

Is there any way to know the thickness of the material deposited on the bottom using cohesive sediment?

Thank you very much,


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