ReadHDF5Values3D - ModuleFillMatrix - ERR20

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ReadHDF5Values3D - ModuleFillMatrix - ERR20

Postby » Fri Jun 13, 2014 13:22

I'm trying to 'import' simulations made with Mohid to Mohid Studio. I'm now trying to nest a 3D son in a 2D father domain, but I get this result an the program stops.
I can't find where the problem can be.
Can anybody help me, please?

Thank you


Constructing : CostaEsteGC
ID : 1

WARNING; KEYWORD; The model is imposing in the open boundary tide together with radiation.

---------------------- HYDRODYNAMICS ---------------------

Courant Number is : 15.70007
In Grid Cell[i,j] : 1 160

--------------------- WATERPROPERTIES --------------------

Num of Properties : 0

---------------- INTERFACE SEDIMENT-WATER -----------------

Num of Properties : 0

-------------------------- MODEL -------------------------

Constructing : Silva
ID : 2

velocity U is being read from HDF file.
Time instant: 2005.000 11.00000 17.00000 0.0000000E+00
2.000000 0.0000000E+00
ConstructHDFInput - ModuleFillMatrix - WRN10
/Results/velocity U
velocity U
miss match between the HDF5 input file and model domain
reading turbulence namelists..
ReadHDF5Values3D - ModuleFillMatrix - ERR20

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Re: ReadHDF5Values3D - ModuleFillMatrix - ERR20

Postby davidbrito » Wed Aug 06, 2014 16:48

Hello Ana,

The model complains that the HDF that you are using as input (in that case velocity) does not have the same geometry as model domain.

The HDF that you are using as input is in the father domain? Is it 2D? And is the model domain also 2D?
You can open the HDF and the bathymetry to see if it matches.
If one is 3D and other 2D (HDF and model domain where it is inserted) also is a cause of problems.

Best regards,

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