Modelling sewage discharg

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Modelling sewage discharg

Postby » Mon Oct 26, 2015 04:02


I am modelling continuous sewage discharge and the resulting plume in a coastal lagoon. I am implementing this in the Lagrangian module. I have also constructed monitoring boxes. I am using T90 variable with T90 variable method 2 and particle volume increases over time. Is there a way I can get an output that is the total number of F. coliform in each of the monitoring boxes for each time instant? Considering I have particles in a box with varying ages and therefore varying volumes.


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Re: Modelling sewage discharg

Postby davidbrito » Tue Mar 28, 2017 08:57

Hello Adelle,

Sorry for the delay answer,

I think that the number of particles inside a moitoring box is not yet an output that MOHID Water writes on the file.
As so, MOHID Studio can not directly show it.

That would need a MOHID Water development to output that info or a MOHID Studio tool to try to make that result after the model has run. The latter option has the disavantage that could only create results at the hdf instants while the monitoring box outputs in timeseries is much more frequent. And we also do not forsee to develop such a tool...

Try to post this in MOHID Water section is someone has this same need for this otput and maybe someone can develop it.

Best regards,

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