Quick-Start Guide MOHID Land "Define cross sections"

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Quick-Start Guide MOHID Land "Define cross sections"

Postby cesartorres.14@hotmail.com » Wed Dec 16, 2015 02:23


I am following the instructions given in the Quick-Start Guide for MOHID Land Implementation - v.2.0 and i creating my own project – Simulating Flood Hydrology (Impermeable Watershed), and I'm stuck in step 2.3 which says "Define cross sections".
I honestly do not understand what to do in this step. What means "Strahler order"? and how do I know how many "Strahler order" exist in my exist in the drainage network ?
any help would be amazing

Thanks for the support

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Re: Quick-Start Guide MOHID Land "Define cross sections"

Postby davidbrito » Tue Mar 28, 2017 09:42

Hello Cesar,

Moved the topic to "MOHID Studio".

Sorry for the delay.

We now have a new version of the manual for version 2016:
http://www.actionmodulers.pt/Biblioteca ... ide_v3.pdf

But you question is still actual :)
The strahler order is just a numbering algortihm for nodes and it increases downstream as the river gets more important tributaires:

So the higher strahler is usually associated with higher river section.

To check your strahler orders f your river go to "Map" and select the layer f Drainage Network and use the query button (question mark in the upper right corner of the map) and click on a given reach or node. It will give you the reach sthraler order in the resulting table. Like this you can see where are your sthraler orders (small orders on the headwaters) and try to asjust the definition of the section to the reality.

The process will make that all sections that have one strhaler order, the same section shape.

Hope it helps.

Best regards,

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