Problems with the ‘Remove depressions’ module

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Problems with the ‘Remove depressions’ module

Postby » Wed Aug 19, 2009 16:37

Dear All,

We’ve been experiencing problems with the ‘Create Digital Terrain’ module.

Our data is a 50m digital elevation model projected in the French Lambert II system. We’re surface hydrologists interested in catchment hydrology.

Our original data was produced in ArcGis 9.1 with positive elevations [0-338m]. We imported it in Mohid GIS using the procedure described in the user manual (export to XYZ data, create grid, create digital terrain). So far, so good…

Problems arise when we try to remove depressions. We end up with the weird elevation values (max=3469005m). We tried to find an answer in the user forums and the wiki pages and thought that maybe our problems were caused by the positive elevation values. So we used raster multiplication in ArcGis to convert our elevation to negative values: the new range is [-338;0m]. This didn’t solve the problem; we ended up with elevation values of [-38; 520791.8m]. The highest elevations values are not all located along the DEM boundary, so we do not think that this is due to edge problems.

Has anyone experienced similar problems? And better yet, found a solution????

Is there a way to input all the GIS data (river network, catchment limits) directly into Mohid land?

Many thanks for your help,

Olivier Boutron
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Postby » Tue Sep 22, 2009 12:43


Yes, this is a problem that can arise in very flat basins. You could try decreasing/increasing the Slope in Depressions (which is gives the elevation by which the depression is going to be filled, 0.0001 by default)

Can you send me the digital terrain with depressions, so I can try?

Regarding the second question, what do you mean by \"directly\"?
With MOHID GIS you create the format the necessary data sets to run Mohid Land. And then, with MOHID GUI you can manage the simulation keyword files, where you say which data sets are going to be used.

best regards

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