delineate a basin

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delineate a basin

Postby » Mon Aug 09, 2010 13:06


i want to delineate a basin (drainage network...). The result which i got was only many squares with multiplication signs ( x signs).

I did the steps as following: first I created a grid. I have xyz data and from these data I created a Digital Terrain, and then I removed Depression. The resut from Remove Depression I used to delineate the river network.

In these results, The drainage area looks correct but the river network ist only squares with multiplication signs.

I really dont know why. Maybe you can help me

Thank you in advance

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Postby » Wed Sep 15, 2010 15:31

Hi Huyen !

Sorry i cant help you ,.. but i saw you created a grid once you have a polygon file.xy

so ... thats what im trying to do ! i gave up about followin the tutorial i think its out of date.

can you help me ? where do i go to create a grid over a polygon file?

thx so much

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