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Memory management

Postby » Tue Jul 19, 2005 15:15

Dear all,
one thing that I think is strategic for the success of MohidGis is related with the memory management. For example, when I try to put to much images in the background the mohidgis start to have problems. Aparently ArcGis do not has this problem and tools like Google Earth are able via internet to give acess to images witout too much ram memory effort.

I understand that for the MohidGis is used the traditional approach where everything is put in the ram memory. Any one can sugest an alternative approach that would improve the MohidGis efficiency in the data visualization.

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Memory Management

Postby » Mon Jul 25, 2005 21:24

Dear Paulo,

first of all thanks you for comparing MOHID GIS with programs which generate millions of $$$...

For thoose who use MOHID GIS professionally I advise them to buy a computer which enough RAM in order to avoid running into problems you reported.

With my incresing knowledge of the .NET Framework I try to improve the performance of MOHID GIS, always when my schedule permits it...

Best regards,

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