Convert Aqua formats to hdf5

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Convert Aqua formats to hdf5

Postby » Thu Jan 26, 2006 21:19


I do process L2_LAC Modis Aqua images with SeaDAS. I can export image data as ASCII, hdf SD and hdf mapped.

I am trying to use these images on Mohid Gis. Convert to hdf5 tool doesn't work on Mohid Gis, and I am not sure about if these Modis Aqua formats can be converted with it.

Could you please help me???

Thanks in advance, regards

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Postby » Fri Jan 27, 2006 10:34

Hi Pablo,

The \"convert to hdf5 tool\" included in MohidGIS is the graphical user interface for only a part of the effective \"convert to hdf5 tool\". The conversion of remote sensing data to hdf5 is not supported yet by MohidGIS, although you can load the converted hdf5 files with MohidGIS. I hope I've answered your question. Best regards,

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