Changing grid size cell using MOHID GIS

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Changing grid size cell using MOHID GIS

Postby » Tue Oct 17, 2006 22:27

Dear Luis,

My compliments.

Please, I would appreciate your help for what it follows.

Suppose I am working with a bathymetry file having a rectangle grid cell size of 50m by 50m. Using this same bathymetry, please, how can I reduce the cell grid size for 10m by 10m (or other size..) using MOHID GIS?

Once more my sincere gratitude.

Robson Sarmento
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Postby » Wed Oct 25, 2006 09:04

Hi Robson,

Sorry for the late reply.
In MOHID GIS there's a feature to increase the resolution of a grid (Tools...Refine Grid), but unfortunately it will not interpolate the bathymetry values. To do this you have to refine the grid resolution and then create a new bathymetry.
Best regards,

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