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There are 2 ways of viewing Mohid results in HDF format: with the Mohid PostProcessor and with MohidGIS. If you have used the PostProcessor it is very similar when you use MohidGIS. You have not used the PostProcessor you should do it first, has the help file contains information on how to view an HDF file.

To see it in MohidGIS you can load the file and click Properties. A window will appear which is very similar with the PostProcessor window. Add the fields you wish to see and click in Load Data. Don´t forget to define in Color Settings the correct intervals for color display. Then click Close Return. The window will close and it is probably that you still have a black display. Click zoom to selected (or zoom to checked) and the image it will appear.

For 3D HDF files viewing with MohidGIS I would advise you not to try it, as it is not fully tested. I would advise you to use the PostProcessor.

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Just another comment. If you want to see arrows (ex: velocities) you need to define the size arrows and ALSO THE ARROWS COLOR.

The visualization in Mohid Gis is still little tricky. In a next version the user will have a more friendly Mohid Gis.


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