Question about HDF5 Format

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Question about HDF5 Format

Postby » Thu Mar 26, 2009 17:00

I am a beginner in Mohid...

I have a project on currents in the South of Chile, and I am using Mohid Gis to modelise the bathymetry, and I also have some currents data with position (latitude and longitude), direction of the current, and the date when this measurements were made. By reading the Manual, I have though that I have to make that with the HDF5 file, but I don't know how to create this file.

Could you please help me with that question? Is that possible to display these data versus the time?

Thank you very much in advance for your answer,

Camille Couzi,
Marine Engineer Student in internship at Marsicope Chilena, Chile.
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Re: Question about HDF5 Format

Postby » Wed Apr 15, 2009 19:05

Hi Camille,

You can put measurements in HDF5 format in the bathymetry grid by using FillMatrix MOHID support tool. Check instructions in the wiki website

It can be done if you have your data in xyz or TimeSeries format.

Best regards,

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Postby » Wed Apr 29, 2009 17:31

thanks a lot, I will look at that.

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