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Postby » Fri Oct 21, 2011 08:21

Hi! :)
Can anyone explain me please, how the keywords (appearing in RunOff and Drainage modules) STABILIZE: 0/1, STABILIZE_FACTOR: 0/1 and DT_FACTOR work?

and, MIN_FOR DT_DECREASE in Atmosphere module/precipitation property, if it is a quantity of precipitation in "mm" to what time rate is reffering?

thank you!!

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Re: Keywords

Postby Jauch » Tue Nov 29, 2011 18:49

Hi Ane,

David will be out of office until monday and he is the best person to answer this question.
I'll ask him to answer as soon as possible :-)
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Re: Keywords

Postby » Wed Dec 21, 2011 12:24

Can you tell me the meaning of the folowing keywords,please?

In the Vegetation module:

-BOX_TIME_SERIE (a time serie in a box, but when is this used? and what for?)
And, difference between EVOLUTION and REMAIN CONSTANT (cause I thought that evolution is used to decide if you want a parameter to be read or simulated, but then, what´s REMAIN CONSTAT for?)

Thanksss :)

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Re: Keywords

Postby davidbrito » Mon Jan 16, 2012 16:44


-VEGETATION_DT is time step that the model computes vegetation properties.
if using the vegetation growth model should use 86400. seconds (daily time step)

the next keyword is linked to atmosphere data. in order to run the growth model the model needs average temperatures and aberage humidities and so on. so this is the frequency of your data so that the model evaluates the average atmosphere properties right. if you put 86400. it only evaluate the atmospheric data once a day and if you have hourly data that will be wsting data.
-INTEGRATION_DT is the frequency that the model checks atmosphere data to compute average values.

- OLD : 1 means that in a continuous simulation the model will read the last value for the initial conditions

- BOX_TIME_SERIE: if you want results aeraged trough boxes.

- EVOLUTION - you are wright but if you want a vegetation property to be readed or computed

- REMAIN CONSTANT - is a mohid standard keyword for properties, it is only readed if you the property initialization is a constant value. in case of evolution keyword to be computed this keyword is ignored.

- STABILIZE is a kyeword to check volume variation. it is how the model cuts DT. if the STABILIZE_FACTOR is 0.1 it means that from one time step to other the volume can only change 10%. if changes more than dt is cutted down.

- MIN_FOR DT_DECREASE is not longer used

Hope it helped.

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