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How can I do the input of the irrigation? If we assume that same crops are irrigated the same way and same amount, do I have to enter a timeserie for each crop in the atmosphere module? I´ve been reading the vegetation module but I havent found anything about it here.

And, in the keyword WATER_STRESS: 0/1, with option 0 we just choose if we want the plant has all the neccessary water, don´t we?

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Re: Irrigation

Postby Jauch » Fri Oct 21, 2011 11:01

Hi Ane :)

About the irrigation.
You can enter irrigation only once in the atmosphere input data file.
So, if you use a timeseries, you will use the same irrigation for all crops.
If you need to use different irrigations in space, when you are growing different crops at the same time (in different cells), you need to use a HDF file. The HDF is a mix between grid data and timeseries: for each date you will have a grid data with the irrigation amounts specified for each cell.
To create a HDF like this you can use the FillMatrix tool. You'll need a timeseries for each different irrigation that you have and a griddata file that relates each cell with one of these timeseries.

About the WATER_STRESS keyword.
If you set it to "0" you're saying to mohid that the growth will not be affected by water. This is due to the fact that the growth equation do not take into account the stress by water, but only the solar radiation and the LAI. If you set it to "1", than you're saying that the water will have impact, so, it will see if the plant will have any stress and the growth will be less than it would be without the stress.
In other words, with WATER_STRESS shut off, even if there is no water in the soil, the plant will growth.

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Re: Irrigation

Postby » Fri Oct 21, 2011 11:25

Ok! :) thank you!
I havent used the Fill matrix tool yet, so I´ll try this time!

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