changing the min-max values of the date data axis

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changing the min-max values of the date data axis

Postby » Wed Nov 16, 2011 10:24

I wonder how can I change the minimum or maximum values of a graph. I´ve seen that I can check the format of the axis in series properties, and then, in axis properties I see the flap where appear the data needed.

In my case, I have "Date Time" value type for X asis. Then, if I go to axis properties I can find the max and min value for the scale. I have 01/05/2009 by default. If I change this value I get a message saying that the value I´ve written (same format as the previous) is not accepted for Double format.

In the space of axis properties where must be written the min and max values appear 39814,041666666672.
So, is there any way of writing this date data as we do in the data modules?

I tried changing the Y axis values (in double format) and I didnt have any problem, so it is something about number format.


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Re: changing the min-max values of the date data axis

Postby Jauch » Tue Nov 29, 2011 18:54

You are right about this.
Maybe you can send a Feedback about that to Frank.

Anyway, if you want to set the values, instead of the date, that the field do not accept, you can, for now, go to excel and write down the date and than change the format to "General". This will give you the double value that represents the date you want to use :-)

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