building a MOHID River Network model

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building a MOHID River Network model

Postby » Tue Jul 31, 2012 09:59

Dear all,

I am trying to set a MRN (built based on the July 11 2012 source code version) and I have some difficulties you might help me with. First of all, as I am more familiar with text files than with GIS, I built my model outside the MOHID GUI or Studio, but inspiring myself with the MOHID Land example from MOHID Studio.

However, having program error (divide by zero), I wonder if I have all the requisites to build a MRN. So my question is: Is it possible to build a River Network with only a Drainage Network module and a Discharge module to impose upstream flow?

If so, is it possible to build the drainage network with coordinates in meter? I don't have GIS info on my river.

Furthermore, Mohid keeps telling me that I have negative slopes in my draingage network, which is normal since the river is made of riffle and pools in a plain. So for a constant flow, the water velocity is variable. Can this lead to numerical problems?

Well, that is all for now and thank you for your help,

Cyril Garneau

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Re: building a MOHID River Network model

Postby davidbrito » Thu Jan 03, 2013 12:01

Dear Cyril

1. Yes it is possible to have only drainage network and discharge files if using MOHID River Network. I think you now already have solved this one. if not send replies. If it was giving divizion by zero something was wrong in coordinates for example

2. It is possible to have river with geographic or meter coordinates: COORDINATE_TYPE : 1 ! Geographic Coordinates' 2 ! Projected Coordinates' in DrainageNework file

3. The warning about negative slopes It is only a warning it has no problems.


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