ERR21 - Submodels and Tidepotential

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ERR21 - Submodels and Tidepotential

Postby » Mon Jun 15, 2009 20:28

(message from a mail)

Dear Mr Chambel,

Hi, I am having a problem with my model. In fact, I have seen a message you have left n the Mohid Forum in 2005 (sorry, it was a long time ago…), this is the web site direction of the post: viewtopic.php?t=256&highlight=hydrodynamic+err21 .

I am having this problem which is linked with the Tidepotential on the sub model I think.

On your post, you wrote:

This is only a warnning.

With the TIDE : 1 option you are saying to the model you want to impose in the open boundary a water level based in a network of tidal gauges.

However, when you are running a submodel you want the option TIDE : 0
and SUBMODEL : 1 because you want to impose a open boundary condition based in the father model solution.

The TIDALPOTENTIAL : 1 option if it is connected in the father model should also be connected in all the submodels.
This option allows the model to simulate the effect of the astronomical forces over the water mass of the model domain. This only important if the model domain is very large ( of the order o 1.000 km).

Best regards,

In fact, I am wondering if you were speaking about the size of the grid (1000km long), or the surface (in this case it World be 1000 km2…).

My father model is approximately 452km*340km=153670km2.

Accordingly with what you said in your post, if I set Tipepotential=1 in the father model, I have to put Tidepotential=1 in the son model, and the same thing if I set Tipepotential=0.

If you were speaking about surface>1000 km2, then I put tidepotential=1 and the father model is running, but when I run the son model, it runs, this error 21 appears, and I get a empty HDF file and a empty time serie file (only with the first line).

If I set tidepotential=0, then the father model runs ok (it always run), but the son model doesn’t run in any case, this error message appears:

Fatal internal - verufy numerical options - ERR20

Could you help me?

What is wrong with this sub model?

Thank you for that if you can help me,
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Postby » Mon Jun 15, 2009 20:29

(answer from Mr. Chambel on monday, june the 15th):

When I say 1000 km is the size of the model domain along one of the two horizontal dimensions.

My guess is that you have the slowstart option active in the submodel.

In the submodel you should only have TIDEPOTENTIAL : 1

You need to have

TIDE : 0

SLOWSTART : 0 (or removed this option).


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