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Postby anamartin98@gmail.com » Mon Jul 11, 2011 08:16

Hi Mohidders

I use Fes2004 solution to create tide gauges. Fes2004 uses geographical coordinates. So, I must use geographical coordinates in my Projects, in order to tidal information can be readed and interpolated.

How can I input tidal information in my projects in UTM coordinates to use these coordinates in my prjects?. Tidal armonics file uses keywords: longitude/latitude and metric_X/metric_Y.
Could I introduce two new keywords refering to UTM coordinates (or perhaps grid coordinates)? Is there an automatic way to do so, or should I introduce those keywords by hand after the armonics file is created by FES?
Does anybody can tell me what keywords should I use?
Is there another way to use FES2004 in UTM coordinates projects?

I hope I've been clear enough.

Thank you so much


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Re: UTM and FES

Postby luis_at_mohid.com » Wed Dec 07, 2011 12:49

Hi Ana,

When using UTM coordinates, you must define in each gauge, keywords METRIC_X and METRIC_Y with the UTM coordinates of the gauge.
You have to convert the geographical coordinates that you've used to get the FES2004 data and convert it to UTM, and then manually introduce the UTM coordinates (using the above mentioned keywords) in each corresponding gauge in the tide file.

Hope this helps,

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