Launch Mohid - saving output to log file

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Launch Mohid - saving output to log file

Postby » Fri Jun 15, 2012 01:22

Hello to all,

Do you know, how to see the whole log of running model in Mohid? In Mohid GUI there is an option in the Launch window - to save output into a file. But when I select it, the run doesn't work at all, just doesn't call the executable and produces the strange.bat file. Here are the printscreens
1. normal run ... JEGWoQ.jpg ... 6UtqQY.jpg
2. attempt to save the log ... 25gQqc.jpg ... fMI-aw.jpg

I am doing something wrong there or it is a bug? How can I save the log from command line running the model?


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Re: Launch Mohid - saving output to log file

Postby davidbrito » Tue Jan 08, 2013 15:47

Hello Nadya,

It should work. I do not use in centuries, nut it does not work because the bat file does not have a call to the executable so it goes to the exe folder and does not do nothing.

If you want to save the dos window to a file in the command line if your exe is called mohid.exe:

Code: Select all

mohid.exe >> Log.Log

where Log.log is the file that it will save (in this case in exe folder but you can povide a path)


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