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MOHID Studio v1.0

Postby » Fri Sep 02, 2011 10:51

Dear all,

Action Modulers is happy to announce that a version 1.0 of MOHID Studio is avaliable. Features of MOHID Studio include:

Project Management:
Open, Save and Manage Workspaces
Load MOHID Water and MOHID Land sample projects
Open, Save, Manage, Export and Import Solutions
Launch MOHID simulation inside and outside MOHID Studio

Map Display:
Load georeferenced background raster layers
Load WMS background layers
Load Google Maps, Bing Maps and Open Street Map background layers
Load MOHID ASCII layers (XYZ, Lines, Polygons, Grid, Grid Data)
Load MOHID HDF Layers (HDF Grid Data, Vector Fields, Drainage Network and Particle)
Load ESRI Shapefiles and XML based geometries
Load HGT layers directly from the Internet
Save map as image or as animated GIF

XY Graph:
Display MOHID Time Series as XY Graph
Save XY Graphs as image
Save / Apply Graph Templates
Add series from Monitoring Station Network

Create XML based geometries
Create constant spaced grids
Create variable spaced grids
Create nested grids based on existing grid
Create “Grid Datas” from XYZ Points or ESRI Shapefiles.
Modify existing Grid Data files
Create MOHID Boxes files (2D only)
Generate MOHID Land specific input files (remove depression, delineate watershed, soil depth, etc)
Create Time Series Location for MOHID Land and MOHID Water
Interpolate HDF file from on grid to another (2D only)
Create Vertical Cuts

Manage data from field campaigns and monitoring networks
Convert MOHID Files from / to KML and Shapefiles
Convert ETOPO and HGT files to MOHID Format
Load Custom Developed Tools

For more information, please visit:

Happy MOHIDing,
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