Harbour siltation modeling

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Harbour siltation modeling

Postby singh.neeraj92@gmail.com » Wed Jul 02, 2014 12:22

Hello. I am planning to analyze the bathymetry changes in a harbour basin due to erosion/siltation because of sediment transport. Can I use MOHID for this purpose? Is it possible to detect suspended sediment concentration at different points at different time steps? There is very little information about the sediment module. Please help. Thank you.

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Re: Harbour siltation modeling

Postby davidbrito » Wed Aug 06, 2014 17:22

Hello Singh,

With MOHID Water you can transport fine sediments but also sand.
To see and example of using fine sediment downoad the sample given in the tutorial
http://www.actionmodulers.pt/Biblioteca ... ide_v1.pdf

The most complex simulation has sediment transport.

The sand transport can also be used I never used it maybe you can try testing the fine sediment first and then try this.

Best regards,

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