New MOHID Version / Mohid User Meeting

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New MOHID Version / Mohid User Meeting

Postby » Mon Apr 03, 2006 16:36

We are pleased to announce version 4.7 of MOHID. You can download it from MOHID’s web page. Several improvements were made during the last year; you can find a list of major improvements at the end of this topic.

We are also planning to organize a MOHID User Meeting, followed by small MOHID Course, here in Lisbon. If you are interested to attend this meeting/course please let us know(, so we can get an idea how many people wish to attend the course. We have prescheduled two different dates indicated below. Please also indicate which date you prefer:

3 to 6 of July (no FIFA Worldcup games in this week)
25 to 28 of September

If you run into any problems during installation, or have any questions/suggestions/critics, please use the MOHID Forum (

On behalf of the MOHID Water Modeling System Team,

Frank & Luis

MOHID Online

Find a list of keywords at:



ModuleWaves: Fetch based surface waves generation model;

ModuleInterfaceWaterAir:, property “infrared radiation” was replaced by “net long wave radiation” which is the balance between “upward long wave radiation” and “downward long wave radiation”;

ModuleSand: extended the sediment transport formula library


ModuleWaterQuality: Upgraded

Phosphorus dynamics corrected;

Two phytoplankton species (diatoms and flagellates)

Silica cycle added (when simulating diatoms)

ModuleCEQUALW2: fully coupled with benthic processes

ModuleLife: fully coupled

ModuleBenthos: - Benthic biogeochemistry module (mineralization of particulate organic matter deposited in the bottom);

ModuleWaterProperties: First-order decay


ModuleDischarges: Point discharges can optionally be distributed in the water column when running in 3D


Outputs in 1D vertical profile in HDF5 format (enables high temporal resolution of 1D vertical profiles for ModuleHydrodynamic, ModuleWaterProperties and ModuleTurbulence);

MOHID Water executable was compiled with Intel Fortran v9.0. You may expect a performance gain of 20%. Just single precision executable is included in the distribution. For other options (double precision, MPI), please contact us.


The model gained a lot of maturity. Hydrology is completely coded and first good results are being obtained: It features:

Full 3D vadose zone implementation, using Richards Equation
Evapotranspiration based on FAO formulation. Root water uptake based on Feddes parameterization
In space and time variable meteorological input data. (e.g. MOHIDFillMatrix can produce rain input files from a set of rain gauges using IWD interpolation)
In space variable soil input data (individual soil horizons can be initialized by grid data files)
Rain interception by vegetation (based on leaf area index)
River Network features wetting and drying of channels, pools, accumulation of organic matter on the channel bed
Complete dynamic time stepping

MOHID River Network

A lot improvements where made, namely to simulate temporary waters. MOHID River Network can run in three modes:

· As standalone program

· Incorporated into MOHID Land

· Using boundary condition from SWAT


A new visual look and a set of new functionalities:

Produce input files for MOHID Land (e.g. Overland Manning)
“Grid Data Operator”. Perform basic arithmetic operations of grid data files
Animation of HDF files improved (time based or index based animation)
Possibility to edit & move legends over the image window
Choose resolution of saved images


Some small changes.

MOHID Time Series Editor

Some small changes.

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First order decay in WaterProperties

Postby » Wed May 03, 2006 10:39

Dear Frank,

Can you tell how first order decay in WaterProperties works? I am very interested in it.
Thanks in advance. See you.

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Postby » Mon May 08, 2006 17:02

Hi Hernani,

Actually the first order decay was made specially for you :)
I should have told you this before.

This can be used for \"fecal coliforms\" water property addind this keyword inside the property block:


then it's all the same as the lagrangian module:

T90_VARIABLE : 0/1 !Check if the user wants to compute T90 function of ambient salinity,temperature and light or use a constant value

If it is variable then define keyword

T90_VAR_METHOD : 1/2

Method [1] is the Fecal decay according to Canteras et al. (1995)
Method [2] is the Fecal decay according to Chapra (1997)

Best regards from Lisbon,

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