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MOHID Version 4.3

Postby » Thu Jul 15, 2004 09:36

Dear Mohider's

a new version (4.3) of the Mohid Package is available for download ( . Main differences to version 4.2 are:


Background Image can be displayed with transparency

Improved rendering time (Now its for real...)

Access to vertex data of Data Items (Points, Lines, Polygons, etc)

Generating curevilinear grids work now properly

Set maximum colour to maximum PolygonID, so all polygons are represented in the first render

When loading lines set max value in color scale to number of lines (maximum LineID)

Exception handling when selecting info area improved

Grid Data Operator added (Basic Math operation over a GridData Items)

Lines are possible to export to XYZ


Non Hydrostatic Pressure (still under testing)

Density can be compute with pressure correction

Variable Time Step (first test version)

Smagorinsky parametrization to compute the horizontal turbulent was corrected

Added output of decay coefficients in module Assimilation

Added option between normalized and absolute residual

Now is possible to define the initial condition of the hydrodynamic file using the FillMatrix module capabilities.

An error related with the output of vectores in regular grids rotated was corrected.

Bottom boundary condition for the radiation was changed. Now the bottom boundary condition is null flux of heat but not null flux of solar radiation.

The latent heat calculation was corrected.

A new way of computing advection was introduced (TDV)

Minor changes

Vertical Cuts for Curvelinear Grids. Doesn't work for vector...

It is now possible to load and display a coast line file

Corrected bug writing origin when exporting to grid data

I hope everything works,


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