Keyword Advection_Difusion

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Keyword Advection_Difusion

Postby » Mon Nov 20, 2006 09:23

I found this small inconsistency for the above keyword:

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        call GetData(NewProperty%ComputeOptions%AdvectionDiffusion,                 &
                     Me%ObjEnterData, iflag,                                        &
                     Keyword        = 'ADVECTION_DIFUSION',                         &
                     ClientModule   = 'ModuleDrainageNetwork',                      &
                     SearchType     = FromBlock,                                    &
                     Default        = ON,                                           &
                     STAT           = STAT_CALL)

This process is called everywhere in the code (everywhere I looked) \"Advection_Diffusion\", but only in the keyword for the properties it is \"Advection_Difusion\" (in base 1, moduleenterdata).
This can lead to some confusion, as I think in some older samples I downloaded from the page, i found

Code: Select all


which is not really bad, as it is true by default anyway, but if you want to change it...

Would there be the possibility to allow both versions in order to avoid problems with older input files?
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Postby » Mon Nov 20, 2006 17:22

Hi Matthias,

Thanks. You're absolutely right. Actually in MOHID Water it's also ADVECTION_DIFFUSION. I'll tell Frank (as I told before a very long time ago :) ) to set the keyword in MOHID Land as ADVECTION_DIFFUSION (but allowing the two names to be read setting a warning to the user to change it).

Best regards,

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