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SWAT 2012

Postby cyrilgarneau@gmail.com » Mon Aug 19, 2013 14:04

Dear mohiders,

I have been using the coupling of SWAT and Mohid with some success. My original project was built on SWAT 2009 and could be coupled without problem (that I know of, at least) with the SWAT-Mohid 2005 executable.

As the first model was quite flawed, I have to change to the new version of my laboratory, which implies to move to SWAT 2012. Is it still compatible with the old executable? If not, are the modifications to the SWAT executable easy to reproduce on the new version?

Thank you,

Cyril Garneau

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Re: SWAT 2012

Postby pedro.chambel.maretec@taguspark.pt » Mon Jun 02, 2014 08:06

Dear Cyril,
I forgot to post here the reply for future memory and for all of you interested on this topic...
The old Mohid-SWAT exe is not compatibble with the new SWAT 2012.
However a new release of Mohid-SWAT is available and is compatible with SWAT 2012.
Hope to see you in Brazil!
Pedro Chambel Leitão

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