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Mohid Statistics analyser

Postby » Fri Nov 11, 2011 12:06

Hello all,

I have created some time series in Mohid Studio, which I´d like to open and work with in Mohid Statistics Analyser.
When I tried to open this tool, I got an error so I thought that it would be neccessary to have opened any time serie before opening this tool. So, I tried to open Time series editor. When I click to open a time series (an xml one, created in mohid studio) it says that the file i´m trying to load wasnt closed by mohid and that it has an invalid format.
Are these versions not compatible? Can´t I open the time series created with studio?

I need a hand please!
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Re: Mohid Statistics analyser

Postby » Wed Dec 07, 2011 11:44

Hi Ane,

MOHID Time Series Editor and the Statistics Analyser use the standard MOHID Time Series format ( in ASCII.

MOHID Water and MOHID Land also use this format. However in MOHID Studio you can work with XLS, XML and MOHID format.

You must export the time series created in MOHID Studio to ASCII format (Environmental Monitoring -> Base Entities -> Export).

Hope this helps,

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