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Hello MOHIDers
I am running a barotropic simulation, on post-processing results , I always receive this message after connecting the openGL immediately:' To few Mapping instantes
The last will be used several times' What is wrong ?
Also, neither Atmosphere nor AirWaterInterface HDFs products could not be visualized neither colors nor vectors! Why? and what is the difference betweeen,Flux,FluxVel and Velocity in the Residual group ? How can one visualize the Volume Created Group? Any Idea ! :roll:

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Re: MOHID_PostProcessing

Postby davidbrito » Mon Feb 18, 2013 14:35


1-Mapping in MOHID Post
everytime you use MOHID Post and the meassage is 'To few Mapping instantes The last will be used several times' it means that the mapping that you chose has not a map for all instants. For instance if in mapping you select MappingPoints there will exist only one grid map for all the animation and the warning appears. If you use as mapping OpenPoints than there will exist a grid map for each instant and the warning does not appear.

2-MOHID Post beggining
Have you selected all the required options in MOHID Post (buttons on the right to the HDF fields) to initialize visualization?
The required options are:
ConnectionX - it can be HDF ConnectionX field or HDF Longitude field (under Grid group)
ConnectionY - it can be HDF ConnectionY field or HDF Latitude field (under Grid group)
VerticalZ - for 3D properties
Mapping - HDF OpenPoints group or HDF MappingPoints field (see previous point) - (under Grid group)
Color - Select the property field you want to see in color (under Results group) and then click color

The above is the required to see a 2D result with color. Running OpenGL would give you the animation view.

To see vectors you have to open properties that have vectorial information as velocity.
If you have VelocityX and VelocityY than you select each group and click on VectorX and VectorY respectively. And then run OpenGL.

3-MOHID Post Animation View
Sometimes when ou start OpenGL your domain may not appear in the view window. so you have to right-click->left mouse button and select "zoom" and drag the mouse down to zoom out.
After you see you domain to get to it you need to use right-click->pane and right-click->zoom several times to get it right in the center.
Then you can edit the color scale and vectors in properties. Try it!

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