Change GridData Resolution

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Change GridData Resolution

Postby » Mon Dec 16, 2013 21:21

Hello all!

I want to change my GridData resolution. I want to see how much my model results change with another mesh, and don't want to do it all over again from all the *.xyz files (beacuse I had lot of work doing some corrections manually as SRTM data was not much precise).
Now I have a variable GridData of 400x200 meters, and want to convert it into a GridData of 200x100 meters.

First I thought of trying using ConveetToHDF (with keyword ACTION=INTERPOLATE), but it does not work.

Then David help me with this tip: Using MOHID GIS, after you load your original GridData file, select Data Item/Properties, and then do click in Export XYZ file option, defining a path for converted GridData into a *.xyz file (points). Then with this file and a refined Grid select the function Tools/Create Digital Terrain.

I attached to this message, an image that David facilitate me,

Thanks David,
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