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import MOHID solutions

Postby » Thu Jul 24, 2014 11:41

I have installed MOHID VISUAL STUDIO. When I want to import MOHID solutions (page 6 of the manual) the model cant do that operation.
Then I insert a new simulation and I change the files for instance Atmosphere_1.dat etc with the content of the example.
Unfortunately then the model is not running . I cant find the error. Is there any example that is not necessary to be imported into MOHID STUDIO?

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Re: import MOHID solutions

Postby davidbrito » Wed Aug 06, 2014 16:43

Hello Rania,

Are you saying you have MOHID Studio Installed.

Can you post a new message but in "MOHID Studio" part of the forum. So that if someone goes there searching for this same problem helps.

And lets analyse first the failing import. Can you provide an image with the error that occurs and what project are you trying to import (the one downloaded refered in the manual?).

Best regards,

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