Improvement of MPI

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Improvement of MPI

Postby » Fri Jun 26, 2009 10:16

Hi mohiders,

Recently, i have started to implement a big nesting modelling, but I have no installed the MPI capabilities of MOHID. In principle, i was no worried about execution time, but nowadays the increasing requierements of my modelling are provoking lasting times a big hugh. I was wondering which were the advantages of using MPI on nested models related to decrease the execution time.
I have one INTEL i7 3Ghz 8Gb RAM and 8 nuclei.

grid extension 250x250 in 10 layers
time step 60s.
period: 2 weeks
Water Qualities and Water Properties
3 sons of similar charcateristics

Just some examples on your experiences comparing with and without MPI, would be great!


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Postby » Mon Jun 29, 2009 12:05

Hi Ana,

The latest version of MOHID did not include the MPI version to run submodels, because it has been under renewal. We're working on including also OpenMP directives in the code, so in the next release of MOHID will set instructions on how to run with MPI and OpenMP (and both at the same time).


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