Impose boundary elevation by time series

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Impose boundary elevation by time series

Postby » Fri Apr 16, 2004 10:09

Hi, I need to impose the elevation in the open boundary using a time series instead of the usual harmonic component method. Is it possible?
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Postby » Fri Apr 16, 2004 10:24

Yes, it is possible.

You need to define some new keywords for each gauge defined in the \"Tide\" file. A gauge block must be something like this. Between, brackets \"[]\" is a description fo the values to be given to each keyword.

NAME : [Gauge name]
LONGITUDE : [Degrees] [Minutes] [Seconds]
LATITUDE : [Degrees] [Minutes] [Seconds]
GRID_I : [Location I on the grid ]
GRID_J : [Location I on the grid ]
REF_LEVEL : [Reference level]
TIME_REF : [Time reference (GMT = 0)]
EVOLUTION : [Options: Time Serie, Constant, Harmonics]
TIME_SERIE_FILE : [Time series file path]
LEVEL_COLUMN : [Data column with elevation values]
DT_SERIE : [Time serie time step]

Hope this helps. Best regards,

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Postby » Fri Apr 16, 2004 10:33

In the data file (see keyword IN_TIDES in the nomfich.dat file) where you defined the tidal guages you can defined the water level associated with a tidal guage in several ways. For example in case of the amplitude evolution (keyword EVOLUTION) you have three options:
EVOLUTION : Constant
EVOLUTION : Time Serie
EVOLUTION : Harmonics (default option)

In your case you want the second option. For this option you need to define the name of the time serie file where you want to defined the water level using the MOHID time series format.
TIME_SERIE_FILE : *********
and the column where you defined the water level

You have similar options to defined the reference water level

REF_EVOLUTION : Constant (defaut option)

For the Time Seire option the time serie file is the same you only need to defined the column

The water level imposed in the open boundary is always
Water level = amplitude + reference level.

In the case of Constant option for the amplitude the keyword to define the amplitude is
and to defined the reference level is

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