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Step by Step MOHID Studio Tutorial

Postby » Fri Aug 15, 2014 08:52

Hi All

I m a beginner in coastal modeling. I wish to have a step by step tutorial for me to start coastal modeling using MOHID. After i read through the user guide for MOHID studio express and professional edition, April 2012 version, i still cannot build a batheymetry grid model, input wave, flow data, input river cross sections and etc. Really feel frustrated to try and error which is not working.

Please kindly give me a direction that i can move forward.



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Re: Step by Step MOHID Studio Tutorial

Postby davidbrito » Wed Aug 20, 2014 16:52

Hi Hii,

There is a new manual called Quick-Start-Guide for MOHID Water here:

There you will download a sample and work with it, create the bathymetry, define the tide... everything adapted from a project that you download.
So that you can later do an implementation to your site.

Best regards,

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