Problem with homemade drainage network

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Problem with homemade drainage network

Postby » Tue Apr 14, 2015 18:12

Hi all,

I'm using a year old version of Mohid, so the bug I'm reporting might have been solved already. If not, I think that it's an interesting bug to report.

In two words, I work on very small watershed (a few ha), so I find it more convenient to make my model without using the tools provided by Mohid Studio. In my current project, I wanted to generate a drainage network of a peatland (20 parallel drains every 24 meters that are collected by a larger ditch).

My first attempt to build a drainage network was to generate 20 "rivers" first, then to generate a 21th to collect them all. Doing so, all nodes and reaches are unique and Mohid Studio has no problem plotting it. However, MohidRiver does not read the drainage network properly. The upstream node of each drain is shifted by one with respect to the previous drain.

I solved the problem by generating the main ditch simultaneously with the drains (ex: generate one drain, then the main ditch until the next drain). Therefore, I strongly suspect that the ID and the sequential number of the reaches are mixed up at least somewhere in MohidLand or MohidRiver.

I can provide the two conceptually identical versions of the drainage network for debugging, if wished.


Cyril Garneau

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Re: Problem with homemade drainage network

Postby davidbrito » Fri Jun 26, 2015 15:31

Hello Cyril,

Can you post the two examples, to be easier to imagine what you are describing?


Best regards,

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