Grid File saving error

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Grid File saving error

Postby » Sat Apr 30, 2005 01:24

Thank you for your sinsiery reply.

In MOHID GIS ver.4.6

I had workout simplegrid and then saving the simple gridfile,

xy view windows, click my grid file- and menu click,

DataItem- SaveAs- define path directory and saving.....

But, In grid file directory the gridfile is empty(0kb), Repeat them,

still 0kb file was maked.

This was not occured prior version
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Postby » Sat Apr 30, 2005 10:55


First I would to ask you that next time post this type of question regarding Mohid GIS, in Mohid GIS forum, please. This will enable other users with questions on Mohid GIS to access this discussion.

Regarding you question, before clicking in \"Save As\", please click \"Save All\". If you notice, when you create a new \"Simple Grid\", you have selected the name of the Grid file. After you have generated the Grid, you must first click \"Save All\", in order to save the data to the file. The \"Save As\" option was defined in order to save an item file with another name.

Hope this helps,

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